7 ways in which 3d printing will save human generation

Recently, I came to know about one interesting fact.

“3d printing can save lives in many ways. “

Don’t believe me!!

Well, after reading this article, you certainly will.

Earlier I was also quite reluctant to digest this fact.

But with the time, I was able to admit it.

Okay. First I am going to tell you about a real life story.

There was a child named Lucy Boucher of age 4. She was suffering from kidney problem and was looking for a possible Kidney transplant. Her 35 year father cam forward to save his child.

Everything was going great but imagine if you want to transplant a kidney of 35 year human to a 4 year child.
Connecting child’s tiny blood vessels and tissues to the organ was quite a complicated task. Age difference certainly didn’t help this case. And it was quite impossible to get a kidney from the same age group.

But this child Lucy Boucher is the first child to have kidney transplant by popular 3d technology. 3D technology has lessen the complexity of the work and helped immensely in performing successful kidney transplant.

I hope, now I have your attention.

3D printing technology is going to create more wonders in medical industry.

Let’s explorer some benefits of using 3d technology.

3D Body Organs For You

3d tech ears

In 3d printing or drawing, we make the design in computer and give machine to perform those operation. If Machine is doing designing work then it will make drawing more precisely. A human have chance of making error while drawing but 3d printing have very few chances. In the near future, It seems quite possible to design human body parts with a 3d technology. These parts will precisely fit for a specific human because these are designed only by keeping that person in mind.
Also, Implantation will be much easy than it is.

Betterment in quality Education for coming generation

3D technology can be applied in education field to make thing more expressive. Science, engineering, medical, maths etc are such field if taught by using 3d tech then it can make teachers to better explain the subject. With the advent of best 3d printing pens, things wil go more easy again. Already many school have implemented this technology. This will increase for sure in the coming future.

3D Casts For Broken Bones

In the situation of broken bones 3d technology can come handy. We can build exact model, shape required for a particular patient with the help of scans and XRays and 3d printer. One of such example is Cortex exoskeleton casts, which is more lightweight, washable, breathable than the traditional one. Moreover it can easily recyclable solution for people having broken bones.

New Levels for Medical Images

Images are the fundamental pillar of the medical industry. For every operation or surgeries or a low level treatment doctor take help from various available images for taking any further decision. If we use 3d printing technology in the medical sector then things can be pretty easy.
Doctors and experts can take output data from MRI or city scans and give them as input to 3d printer for making an accurate plastic model.
These dummy plastic model can be very helpful in testing and studying purpose. Students can get almost real experience from practicing on these models. In this way doctor can find more suitable way for any disease. Doctors also experimenting cure for cancers on dummy liquid cell models. You never know they might able to find cure for cancer.

New Discoveries Underway

3D technology can help the ongoing medical research to move forward with a faster rate. Medical field will come up with new discoveries with a faster rate. There will not be any delay of years as it used to be. Now medical researcher will be able to short out things at a very rapid pace. As already stated in the previous heading 3d technology can create implants for particular patients.

Riding will be more safer by 3D technology

3d technology can play crucial role in the field of manufacturing. Earlier it was quite difficult for car companies to make parts for stronger rides. Now they are trying to make these parts with the help of 3d technology. Soon airline companies will follow this trend. Now, It would be very easy for airline companies to make the aircraft stronger and safer to rider. This plane will likely to be more fuel-efficient.

3D Technology For Quicker & faster Designing

As all the designing things is done by the machine then obviously it will be a lot faster than the human designing rate. We only need to give instructions to machine with computer and rest will be done by the 3d printer. If we can build products with much faster rate then they can hit the market with much faster rate.
On all the above is that 3d technology being totally machinable technology helps to make things more accurate. Machination of things helps us to save both money and time. If we can make products at much faster and with cheaper cost then it will make product less costly for consumers i.e. public. It will certainly make this world better place to live.

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